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+ Wills and Deceased Estates

Making a Will

Every person’s situation is unique. We will take the time to understand your personal position and make sure that your wishes are carried out upon death.

Powers of Attorney

There are several circumstances where you might need assistance managing your personal and financial affairs or making decisions around living or medical decisions that you might not be in a position to make – due to illness or capacity for example.  We will help you to understand your options including:

  • Enduring power of attorney (financial and personal)

  • Appointment of medical treatment decision maker

Deceased Estates and Probate

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard enough without having to navigate the stress of acting as executor as well. We have decades of experience in administering deceased estates and will walk you through the entire process including:

  • Obtaining a grant of probate

  • Applying for letters of administration

  • Survivorship applications

  • Administering the Will

  • Collecting all assets and distributing them

Will Disputes

Sometimes a person may feel they have not been adequately provided for under a Will or may question the validity of a Will which can lead to litigation. We can advise both the person making a claim or the Estate defending the claim.

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