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+ Property and Leasing

Property Development

Whether you are considering a 2 or 200 lot sub-division, our expert property law advisers can take you on that journey from start to end. This advice extends to:

  • Property development agreements

  • Subdivisions and consolidations

  • Put and call options

  • Planning issues

  • Section 173 agreements

  • Caveats, covenants and easements

Commercial Leasing

Leases can hang around for decades, so make sure they are drafted properly from the outset and that you know what you are locked into. Talk to our leasing experts on:

  • Retail and non-retail leases

  • Farming and agistment leases

  • Shopping centre leases

  • Crown land leases

Leasing disputes

When a landlord and tenant don’t see eye to eye things can escalate quickly. Come and talk to us early about:

  • Rent disputes

  • Disputes over maintenance and repairs

  • Breach of lease

  • Termination of leases

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